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Handoff Helpers

A free component library to help you effectively communicate your designs

The Mission

To help product designers become better communicators

When it comes to building great products, communication almost always trumps pixel perfection. And now that product design is becoming an increasingly remote profession, the ability to collaborate asynchronously is one of the most valuable skills we can refine.

What is this?

Handoff Helpers is a set of components that designers can easily insert into their Figma files (things like status indicators, prototype starting points, link trees, organizers, to do lists, etc.).

Who made it?

People call me Ridd—I’m a design advisor at Shift Nudge and the creator of Figma Academy. I’ve been designing products every day for the past decade and love to take new ideas from 0 to 1.

Why does it exist?

This components library has been immensly valuable to me as it’s grown over the years. It even traveled with me from Sketch! Now I want to share it with the rest of the design community.

MY challenge to you

Stop limiting components to UI elements and start thinking of them as powerful workflow enhancers

I've had developers thanking me for using this library for years. It's a key way to ensure everyone is always on the same page and that the best possible product is getting shipped. Plus, it's easy to customize the components to make sure they're a great fit for your system and brand. Enjoy!

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Includes detailed walkthroughs as well as usage examples

Created by Ridd