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Ready to become a better product designer?

Learn advanced design tactics with hands-on lessons delivered directly inside of Figma

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How it works

Figma Academy is an all-new program focusing on the most practical elements of design

We'll take you beyond the theory and help you develop the skills you'll use every day as a product designer

Learn through hands-on lessons right inside of Figma

Practice advanced tactics like building scalable variants, using layout templates, mastering interactive components, streamlining your workflow, and more...

Level up your skillset and take the next step in your career

We take you from 0 to 1 in the design process—building out a style system, creating all types of components, organizing your designs, all the way through advanced prototyping.

Become your engineering team's favorite designer

Figma Academy teaches you how to think like a developer, how to better communicate your designs, and how to set developers up for success.

active learning

Improve the skills you use every day as a product designer

Our curriculum walks you through each step of designing a new product from scratch. You'll learn a ton of practical strategies to improve your daily workflow and dive deep into the rabbit hole of Figma and all it has to offer.


Design Systems


Practical UI









This is EASILY the most galaxy-brain maneuvering through Figma that I’ve EVER seen. Holy SHIT.
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Meet the creator

Hi! My name is Michael Riddering. I’ve been designing products every day for the past decade. Currently, I’m the founding designer at Maven—a new platform for cohort-based courses.

I love to teach, so I also spend time mentoring others as a design advisor for Shift Nudge—a course specializing in UI design.
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Currently there are ~500 designers learning together in Figma.
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Figma Academy will launch publicly after every module has been released through the beta program

Created by Ridd

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